Almen Gage Jr


Model: TSP-Jr


If you don’t need the digital precision of the Electronics Inc. #2 Almen gage, we offer the Almen Gage Jr. in an analog style that’s ideal for general purpose shot peening and blast cleaning.

The small size and light weight of the Almen Gage Jr. (4″ tall and less than 1/2 lb. in weight) make it convenient for operators to use anywhere. The Almen Gage Jr. has a 1 3/4″ dial indicator with .0005 graduations for easy reading of the Almen strip arc height.

The Almen Gage Jr. also has many of the same features of the Electronics Inc. #2 Almen Gage including:

Precision Machining
Durable Hardcoat Finish
Patented Magnetic Grip
Stem-Mounted Indicator
MIL-S-13165 Compliant

Note: Almen Gage Jr. cannot qualify for SAE J 442 since it does not have a digital indicator with 0.0001″ resolution. It does not qualify to AMS 2430 because it does not have endstops. The Electronics Inc. #2 Almen gage meets the specifications of SAE J 442 and AMS 2430.


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